Let there be no doubt, I believe only a woman should decide what happens to her body. Reproductive care is health care. The Supreme Court is making decisions that are taking away many of our rights. I will fight in Illinois to retain our rights to reproductive care, LGBTQ+ rights and voting rights.

I am also a strong supporter of common sense gun safety. I do not believe that semi automatic weapons should be available to the public. We need background checks, red flag laws and waiting periods.

As your House Representative, I will be a reflection of the Constituents of House District 52. I will work in Springfield on legislation that benefits the hard working people in our area.

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All district boundaries have been redrawn in 2022. If you live in the shaded area, you're in the new District 52.

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Life long Illinois resident

Mary Morgan was raised in far western Cook County and attended Northern Illinois University. She and her husband moved to Lake County and settled in Island Lake to raise their family. Mary worked in the wireless industry for 25 years, 15 at Motorola, and is now an employee of the Wauconda School District in the Curriculum & Instruction Office.




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